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No two industries are alike – KNOCKS understands that. We are experts at adapting our products to suit your requirements, even for small quantities and within a short time. That means that we adapt our pressure regulators and filters exactly according to your specifications. For example, pressure regulators for medical technology are suitable even for the most sensitive devices, such as dialysis machines, whereas our products designed for industries with robust requirements are particularly durable. Besides these examples, every industry has countless other individual specifications to which we can flexibly adapt our pressure regulators, filters and lubricators.


We see the adapting of pneumatic pressure regulator and filter technology to various industry requirements as a valuable transfer of knowledge, as that is how we keep entering new industries and gaining even more knowledge in the field of technology and service. Besides the industry-specific differences, however, our solutions have a lot in common. They are all subject to our high quality requirements and, as a small component in your systems, ensure excellent and durable quality. Which problem can we solve for you?

Industries we have supplied to

KNOCKS in industrial technology:

Keyword: Flexibility! Industrial automation from A to Z.

Filtration, pressure regulation, water separation, monitoring or lubricating sub-processes – KNOCKS has solutions for all types of tasks in industrial technology and automation. You won’t only find our products in textile, paper, bottling and tooling machines but also, for example, in pneumatic controls, painting facilities, diaphragm pumps and compressors. As you can see, the precision and energy efficiency of KNOCKS solutions are in reliable use in all kinds of systems.

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KNOCKS in medical technology:

Keyword: Sensitivity!
As it’s a matter of human life.

100% precision and reliability! That is what we guarantee for our medical technology pressure regulation and filtration solutions, which are used, for example, in dialysis machines, anaesthesia devices and ventilators or in devices for oxygen supply. Our delicate KNOCKS solutions can also be installed in analysis devices, medical compressors or ENT devices, as we can coordinate them to the smallest detail thanks to a combination of your precise specifications and our experience.

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KNOCKS in the food industry:

Keyword: Cleanliness!
In the food industry, hygiene is of the highest importance.

KNOCKS solutions are designed to guarantee the absolute cleanliness of the food, even when the compressed air comes into direct contact with it. That is why we provide compressed air qualities certified in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010 that meet the utmost standards for hygiene and cleanliness. Typical examples for the use of our products are milking plants, food or packaging machines.

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KNOCKS in transportation technology:

Keyword: Sturdiness!
Mobile with metal.

KNOCKS specialises in requirements for transportation technology – our transportation solutions are really tough and sturdy. The KNOCKS products are robustly built from metal and serve numerous purposes in pressure regulation, filtration, precision control and ventilation. They are suitable for operation within a temperature range from –45 °C to +60 °C and can, for example, be used in pantographs.

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KNOCKS in marine technology:

Keyword: Stability!
We can handle pressure.

Our KNOCKS solutions for pressure regulation are also used in marine technology, where stability is a top priority. They are suitable for inlet pressures of up to 40 bar and are thus used, for example, in starter motors, compressors or compressed air drying plants.

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KNOCKS for other industries:

No job is too tough for us! We’ll make it possible.

None of our solutions is right for you? We can change that! Thanks to the enormous pool of knowledge potential gained from more than 40 years of successful air pressure regulation, we are capable of taking our knowledge and experience from the hundreds of solutions we have so far developed as a basis, modifying it and transferring it to benefit our customers in other fields. That could be a solution for you, too! Please feel free to contact us. We can adapt our products to precisely suit your applications.

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