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As a competent provider of pressure regulators, filters and lubricators, we offer you first-class products from one source whose quality and durability are second to none worldwide. We define ourselves as a service company! You can always count on our reliability, partnership qualities and our standard of offering you precisely »the« solution to your requirements rather than »just any« solution that works. 

In order to provide you with the best possible end results, we have established specific services which we would now like to present to you. Your enquiry alone decides the extent to which our services come into effect. Would an existing product from one of our series help you, perhaps? If so, then we will be glad to help you with your selection. Or are you faced with a challenge for which a solution still needs to be designed? No problem: leave it to us!

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KNOCKS consulting/needs analysis:

There are lots of solutions to your problem. We know the right one for you!

Compressed air and filter technology is only a fraction of your overall project. However, there are a wide range of options and products for you to choose from. That’s why KNOCKS provides you with the consulting and application analysis you really need. Even if you already know which product you require, KNOCKS can help you find what may be a much more economical and favourable alternative by means of comparative measurements. Just ask our sales team – we’ll help you find the right solution.

KNOCKS design/development:

A few short steps to long-term solutions.

Fast, knowledgeable, target-oriented: that’s how the innovative KNOCKS design and development team arrives at solutions. By pooling all our fields of expertise at our centre in Selm, we can communicate quickly and efficiently – both with you and internally between our departments. Measurements and analyses performed at our own development centre enable us to exactly determine your specifications and find the optimal solution by using well-founded diagnoses. How does that work? It’s quite simple: we have been gaining expertise and know-how for more than 40 years and apply it to next-level solutions every single day in your best interest.

KNOCKS validation/sampling:

No series production without rigid testing.

Before reaching series production, all of our new products, including custom-made applications developed at customers’ requests, undergo a number of validation tests which put the product through its paces in order to ensure its absolute functional efficiency. At the same time, these tests officially verify that the item corresponds to the ordered specifications. The product can only go into series production after passing a final inspection. For every single one of our new products, we carry out a series of tests – durability tests, endurance tests, burst pressure tests, temperature resistance tests, leakage tests, in-process tests and conformity tests.

KNOCKS production:

Where measurements and calculations become reality.

At the core of KNOCKS – this is where all of our company’s threads run together for you. We produce to meet German and European standards and are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. With the help of electronic testing equipment, our employees constantly monitor the production quality and ensure that only top-notch products leave our facilities, thanks to rigorous quality management. We manufacture a large variety of products that differ regarding special manufacturing methods and details as well as their possible combinations. Grouped as large assemblies or even pre-assembled for you as a system solution, we always provide you with a final product that is ready for connection.

KNOCKS system solutions/
Perfect Fit:

Tailor-made compressed air solutions. We install – you benefit.

In mechanical engineering and medical technology, air pressure regulators, filters and lubricators are small parts of a whole machine, which are continually gaining in significance and required to function with utmost reliability. Rely on us and benefit from our pre-assembled Perfect Fit system solutions. These products are made exactly according to your specifications and assembled ready for connection. They help you reduce your component diversity, decrease your storage costs and, above all, save assembly costs. Apart from that, you maintain your flexibility despite outsourcing: thanks to our intelligently designed logistics system, we deliver all of our versions just in time.

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