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Food expertise

KNOCKS solutions are designed to guarantee the absolute cleanliness of the food, even if the compressed air comes into direct or indirect contact with it. That is the crucial factor when it comes to cleanliness in production and quality assurance in your industry.

Setting a good example

KNOCKS solutions are used in various parts of the food industry. We are glad to help you select the right product for your requirements. Typical examples of use for our products are in combination steamers, packaging and coffee machines or baking equipment.

Our assurance of hygiene: DIN certification

KNOCKS has understood how important that is! That’s why we provide compressed air qualities certified in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010 and meet the most stringent requirements for hygiene and cleanliness. That is our promise to you, so that you can guarantee top-of-the-range food.

Leave it to us!

No matter how we can help you – you are in good hands with KNOCKS! We will help you select the right product from our innumerable range that are suitable for your field, or analyse your exact needs and develop a custom product for you. Either way – we’ll find a solution!

Food industry

Industry-specific product highlights


Pressure regulator G1/4 0,5-10 from stainless steel



Pressure regulator G1/4 0,5-10 from stainless steel


Custom-made solutions
The custom-made product for your requirements
Are you often confronted with the problem of not being satisfied with standard solutions due to your special requirements? In this case, KNOCKS can provide you with custom-made solutions: products that exactly meet your specifications.


We take your concerns seriously.
Service is an integral part of the KNOCKS philosophy. We’re there to provide help whenever you need it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us – either directly or through our online service portal.
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