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The innovative, IO-Link capable and maintenance-free differential pressure measurement system for pneumatic automation technology

Exactly coordinated flow rates and precise consumption measurements in industrial plants are becoming important factors for cost optimization and energy efficiency with increasing energy costs. With the KDDM-2.2, Knocks Fluid-Technik GmbH is now presenting the new version of their maintenance-free flow meter for compressed air and neutral gases, which is characterized by its practical precision, versatile application options and good connectivity.

Consumption measurements for operating cost control, leakage measurement, monitoring air bearings or dosing applications, such as for painting robots, are just a few examples in the automation technology that underlines the importance of precise flow measurements. Common methods for flow measurement use calorimetry or also simple impeller meters. The issue with such devices is on the one hand the high susceptibility to interference, on the other hand, the high maintenance costs. In addition, classic flow sensors, need a very high purity of medium, they also require inlet/calming sections in order to reduce the negative influence of turbulence.

The development of the KDDM-2.2 had in addition to the high quality demands on the measurement results the particular aim to reduce the integration and maintenance effort as far as possible. The quality of the flow medium has a subordinate role for the KDDM 2.2. Space requirements and demands on the environment are reduced to a minimum. Due to its simple and robust design, the KDDM-2.2 is the ideal instrument for use in industrial environments.

The KDDM-2.2 uses a differential pressure measuring system with short response times to determine flow, volume and pressure. The device has a sensor for the inlet pressure and two sensors for the outlet pressure. With the addition of the second sensor for the outlet pressure, a higher measurement quality and an extension of the measurable range is achieved. There is a differential pressure orifice between the sensors. The flow rate is determined on the basis of the pressure difference between the two measuring points and shown on the display. Additional display options reflect pressure and volume. The measurable flow range is 20 to 2000 l/min in a pressure range of up to 16 bar.

With addition of the "IO-Link" communication standard, the integration and use of the KDDM-2.2 is simplified and accelerated when using the IO-Link software. The compact device with the dimensions 102 × 63 × 83 mm has two programmable switching outputs and an analogue output for the flow value. In addition, the KDDM-2.2 has the option of using two outputs simultaneously via the SIO mode. The device can be configured quickly and simply using the buttons or IO-Link. An access code ensures that only trained specialists can change settings.

The KDDM-2.2 can be integrated into maintenance units and can be used as a single device in any position. The device with IP65 protection is compatible with the modular Futura series from Knocks Fluid-Technik. The installation does not restrict the operation of downstream devices, since there is practically no pressure drop during the flow measurement. The flow meter is also suitable for component monitoring during operation and can effectively support various measures for process security. System leaks are immediately recognizable from the changed volume and with the appropriate configuration of the switching outputs generate corresponding alarms or shutdowns. 

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